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Administrative Office of the United States Courts - The Director, Probation Officers, Bankruptcy Act, Federal Magistrates, Federal Defenders

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The Administrative Office of the United States Courts is the administrative headquarters of the federal court system. It was created by congressional act on August 7, 1939 (28 U.S.C.A. § 601), and since November 6, 1939, it has tended to the nonjudicial business of the U.S. courts. The Administrative Office helps Congress monitor the state of affairs within the federal judiciary. It arranges clerical and administrative support to federal district courts and their subdivisions, and it provides for the various benefits available to the federal judiciary. Furthermore, by gathering and analyzing statistics and data and reporting the findings to Congress and the JUDICIAL CONFERENCE OF THE UNITED STATES, the Administrative Office plays an important part in determining the extent and character of the very support it provides.


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