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Palmore v. Sidoti - Significance, Interracial Adoption

child petitioner court custody


Linda Sidoti Palmore


Anthony J. Sidoti

Petitioner's Claim

Depriving a parent of custody because the parent is involved with someone of another race violates the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause.

Chief Lawyer for Petitioner

Robert J. Shapiro

Chief Lawyer for Respondent

John E. Hawtrey

Justices for the Court

Harry A. Blackmun, William J. Brennan, Jr., Warren E. Burger (writing for the Court), Thurgood Marshall, Sandra Day O'Connor, Lewis F. Powell, Jr., William H. Rehnquist, John Paul Stevens, Byron R. White

Justices Dissenting



Washington, D.C.

Date of Decision

25 April 1984


Using race as a factor in awarding child custody violates the Fourteenth Amendment.

Related Cases

  • Buchanan v. Warley, 245 U.S. 60 (1917).
  • Loving v. Commonwealth of Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967).


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Further Readings

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