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Establishment And Maintenance, Public Asylums Ownership And Status, Inmates, Patients, And Residents, Contracts For Care And OccupancyOfficers and Employees

Establishments that exist for the aid and protection of individuals in need of assistance due to disability, such as insane persons, those who are physically handicapped, or persons who are unable to properly care for themselves, such as orphans.

The term asylum has been used, in constitutional and legislative provisions, to encompass all institutions that are established and supported by the general public.

An insane asylum is one in which custody and care is provided for people with mental problems. An orphanage is an asylum set up as a shelter or refuge for INFANTS and children who do not have parents or guardians.

Officers and Employees

The rules that generally apply to public service employees govern the status of officers and employees of institutions. Statutory provisions may provide for the termination of such officers and employees.


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