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Health Care Law

Medical Malpractice, Physician Malpractice Records, A Physician's Duty To Provide Medical Treatment, A Hospital's Duty To Provide Medical Treatment

Health care law involves many facets of U.S. law, including TORTS, contracts, antitrust, and insurance. In 1990, the United States spent an estimated $500 billion on HEALTH CARE, which was more than 11 percent of the gross national product. According to statistics from the CENTERS FOR MEDICARE AND MEDICAID SERVICES (CMS), health care expenditures grew 6.5 percent per year from 1991 to 2001, and in 2001, the expenditures had grown to $1.4 trillion. The CMS predicts that these expenditures will grow by 7.3 percent annually and estimates that the U.S. will spend $3.1 trillion on health care in 2012.

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