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Inc. South Carolina State Highway Department v. Barnwell Bros.

Significance, Intrastate And Interstate Interests Treated The Same, Future Restrictions On The States, Big Rig Road Hazards


South Carolina State Highway Department, et al.


Barnwell Bros., Inc. et al.

Appellants' Claim

That South Carolina restrictions on the weight and width of trucks did not violate the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

Chief Lawyers for Appellants

Steve C. Griffith, Thomas W. Davis, and Eugene S. Blease

Chief Lawyers for Appellees

S. King Funkhouser and Frank Coleman

Justices for the Court

Hugo Lafayette Black, Louis D. Brandeis, Pierce Butler, Charles Evans Hughes, James Clark McReynolds, Owen Josephus Roberts, Harlan Fiske Stone (writing for the Court)

Justices Dissenting

None (Benjamin N. Cardozo and Stanley Forman Reed did not participate)


Washington, D.C.

Date of Decision

14 February 1938


Found for the appellants, reversing the lower court's order to enjoin enforcement of the state regulations.

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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