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Shaw v. Shaw

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Emeline Shaw


Daniel T. Shaw

Plaintiff's Claim

That she be granted a divorce on the ground of intolerable cruelty.

Chief Lawyers for Plaintiff

Sedgwick, Seymour

Chief Defense Lawyers

Church, Hubbard

Justices for the Court

Joel Hinman, Henry Waite, Chief Justice Thomas S. Williams (writing for the court)

Justices Dissenting

Samuel Church (William L. Storrs did not participate)


Litchfield, Connecticut

Date of Decision

June 1845


The court denied Shaw her divorce.

Related Cases

  • Oregon v. Rideout, 108,866 Circuit Court, County of Marion, Oregon (1978).


Koshland, Daniel E. Jr. "The Spousal Abuse Problem." Science, 22 July 1994.

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