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Griswold v. Connecticut

Significance, 1879 Law Alive And Well, On To The Supreme Court, Decision Reverses Convictions


Charles Lee Buxton, Estelle T. Griswold


State of Connecticut

Appellants' Claim

That Connecticut's birth-control laws violated its citizens' constitutional rights.

Chief Lawyers for Appellants

Tom Emerson, Fowler Harper, Harriet Pilpel, Catherine Roraback

Chief Lawyer for Appellee

Joseph B. Clark

Justices for the Court

William J. Brennan, Jr., Tom C. Clark, William O. Douglas (writing for the Court), Arthur Goldberg, John Marshall Harlan II, Earl Warren, Byron R. White

Justices Dissenting

Hugo Lafayette Black, Potter Stewart


Washington, D.C.

Date of Decision

11 May 1964


Reversed Griswold's and Buxton's lower court convictions for providing contraceptive information to married couples and struck down all state laws forbidding the use of contraceptives by such couples.


Garrow, David J. Liberty and Sexuality: The Right to Privacy and the Making of Roe v. Wade. New York: Macmillan, 1994.

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