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The Glen Ridge Rape Trial: 1992-93 - "i Still Care About Them"

fisher acts retarded sort

Susan Fisher was called to the stand. Prosecutor Robert Laurino took her through the events of March 1, including specific details of the rape and of the sex acts she performed on the high-school athletes. "Are those boys still your friends?" asked Laurino.

"Sort of."

"What do you mean, sort of?"

"I mean I still care about them," said Fisher.

Cross-examined by attorney Ford, Fisher admitted that she had made no attempt to leave the Scherzer basement, that no one told her not to leave, and that she would not have performed sexual acts in front of her parents or other adults. Grober lawyer Zegas asked her extensively about her experience with and enjoyment of sex. Scherzer lawyer Querques reminded Fisher of her examination by psychologist Esquilin and concluded, "You are proving right now, because you can answer questions, that you are not retarded?"

"Right. If I was retarded, I wouldn't know what I was talking about."

"Perfect, Susan," said Querques.

The prosecution rested.

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about 8 years ago

People get arrested for just bullying younger kids. But a girl with the IQ of 64 saying she isn't retarded is painful to read. She did herself no good in saying that.

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about 8 years ago

I am doing a report on this case for my RCGE class and honestly there's so many different stories that I don't know which to go by. I live in West Orange and attend the school she did. Just not the program. But I hear different stories by students teachers and staff. It's sad how the full truth will never be revealed. It's been years.

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over 8 years ago

The jocks were scums of the earth along with all those who supported them. I understand one killed his family and himself and I hope unless he redeemed himself beofre his death that he is burning in hell. May they all rot someday.

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over 11 years ago

These boys were allowed to run rampant in their town but that is not anything new. By virtue of being male I do not believe boys are inherently more to blame for sexual actions which is something society often does.

I read many stories on this case and things like one of the defendants openly masturbating in class disturbs me especially as adults were aware of it. The attitude in society is too often that a boy acting out is normal but if a girl did it she would be hauled off to a therapist. Something was not right in this situation for the boys, especially the Scherzer boys one of whom was the "masturbator" I mention above. I also have to say I do NOT believe this trial is fair. Teenagers are by nature curious and if you put someone with mental retardation into a social setting that includes normal teenagers this is not a surprise at all. You have a pubertal female with no social comprehension of the taboos which is essentially what boys are as we teach our sons that exposing themselves and having wanton sex is what boys do. So now you have a girl who just acts on her impulses like boys do because she lacks the ability to get the way girls are socialised to "hold out" and "cover up" etc but you mix her body in with males who are equally as hormone driven and curious and then blame the boys. I do think there is blame to be dealt and that lay with her parents and the school and proves that mentally handicapped children need to be supervised at all times and separated. Enough political correctness and lets get a bit of honesty now.

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over 11 years ago

What amazes me is that, of the group of boys who went down to the basement, not one of them tried to stop it happening. A voice of dissent (of common decency) might have come to her rescue and could have rattled them enough to stop their abhorrent actions. The ring-leaders were clearly nasty bullies who the rest were too worried about impressing to defy them.

Whether she tried to stop them, or not, or, indeed, whether she was known as promiscuous is irrelevant - she was clearly retarded, and tragically would do anything for approval. These nasty men, knowingly, took advantage of that in the most unimaginably cruel way. I hope by now that they will have shown some remorse for their behaviour. But, I seriously doubt that...