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Theodore Robert Bundy Trials: 1976 & 1979 - Bundy Forgoes Jury, On The Run And Deadly, Testimony That Could Kill

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Defendant: Theodore Robert Bundy
Crime Charged: First Trial: Aggravated kidnapping; Second Trial: Murder
Chief Defense Lawyers: First Trial: John O'Connell; Second trial: Robert Haggard, Edward Harvey, Margaret Good, and Lynn Thompson
Chief Prosecutors: First Trial: David Yocum; Second Trial: Larry Simpson and Daniel McKeever
Judges: First Trial: Stewart Hanson; Second Trial: Edward Cowart
Places: First Trial: Salt Lake City, Utah; Second Trial: Miami, Florida
Dates of Trials: February 23-March 1, 1976; June 25-July 31, 1979
Verdict: Guilty, both trials
Sentences: First Trial: 1-15 years; Second Trial: death

SIGNIFICANCE: More than any other murderer, Ted Bundy both fascinated and horrified onlookers. Others have killed more, some killed more horribly, but for most Americans, this young man with the movie star appearance remains one of the most notorious. Often overshadowed by his grim charisma was the controversial testimony that eventually undid him. Bundy's ready smile might have been tailor-made for the cameras, but it proved lethal in the hands of those prosecutors determined to convict him.

Between 1969 and 1975 an unprecedented wave of sex-killings swept from California, through the Pacific Northwest, and into Utah and Colorado. All of the victims were strikingly similar—female, young, attractive, and generally with long hair parted in the middle. Some were found dumped in deserted areas, others were never seen again. As the various law enforcement agencies compared notes and suspects, one name kept cropping up: Ted Bundy, a handsome young Seattle, Washington, law student. But nothing could be proved.

And then on November 8, 1974, 18-year-old Salt Lake City, Utah, resident Carol DaRonch was tricked into entering a Volkswagen outside a shopping mall by a stranger claiming to be a police officer. When the man attempted to handcuff and bludgeon her, DaRonch managed to escape from the car. On August 16, 1975, a Salt Lake City police officer arrested a Volkswagen driver who had been acting suspiciously. Inside the car were a crowbar and handcuffs. The driver turned out to be Ted Bundy. DaRonch identified him as her abductor, leading to charges of aggravated kidnapping.

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over 8 years ago

That's hilarious. You do KNOW that a serial killer can be handsome and deadly at the same time right? I mean, come on! It means that even the most good looking of people are, or CAN BE psychopaths.
Saying they are "Handsome" or "Good looking" does'nt mean the people are sick at all for thinking it. How close minded are you?
It just goes to show how looks can be very deceiving. The only reason the women went with Ted Bundy was because they thought he was good looking, and that he needed help, when he was pretending to be in need. He was feeding off of there sympathy. Even in Ann Rules "The Stranger Beside Me" Which was the shocking inside story of serial killer Ted Bundy. She describes him as handsome as well. And she is a great true crime writer, and was Ted's friend, before he was even committing the murders.(Though it is said that he started killing at the age of 15).
But you can even see that older women who are intelligent find him attractive.
Now please. Stop the bitching. The man is dead. Let it rest.

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almost 10 years ago

yes. bundy was an arrogant killer--BUT--had he not been allowed to escape from TWO prisons girls would be alive today. a goddamn disgrace!!!

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about 9 years ago

It ridiculous that you are pointing out who is a handsome serial killer when they have taken so many lives. Should it matter their looks? No. It should matter what they have done.

Vote down Vote up

almost 10 years ago

are ALL of you people blind!!!! how anyone could think this little creep a handsome man is beyond belief!!!! a young Cary Grant!!! are you nuts!!! not as famous but another serial killer --Randy Woodfield (i think woodfield) is/was handsome. but BUNDY?? TED BUNDY handsome?? you people are so off the mark it's a joke--really! TED BUNDY HANDSOME---now i've heard it all!! It's laughable.

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over 10 years ago

Ted Bundy should rot in hell for what he did. He has ruined numerous lives with his hateful acts toward women.