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Ernesto Miranda Trials: 1963 & 1967 - Tainted Evidence, Conviction Overturned

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Defendant: Ernesto Miranda
Crimes Charged: Kidnapping and rape
Chief Defense Lawyers: First trial: Alvin Moore; second Trial: John Flynn
Chief Prosecutors: First trial: Laurence Turoff; second trial: Robert Corbin
Judges: First trial: Yale McFate; second trial: Lawrence K. Wren
Place: Phoenix, Arizona
Dates of Trials: June 20-27, 1963; February 15-March 1, 1967
Verdict: Guilty, both trials
Sentences: 20-30 years, both trials

SIGNIFICANCE: Few events have altered the course of American jurisprudence more than the 1963 rape conviction of Ernesto Miranda. The primary evidence against him was a confession he made while in police custody. How that confession was obtained exercised the conscience of a nation and prompted a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision.

In the early hours of March 3, 1963, an 18-year-old Phoenix, Arizona, movie theater attendant was accosted by a stranger while on her way home from work. He dragged her into his car, drove out to the desert, and raped her. Afterwards he dropped the girl off near her home. The story she told police, often vague and contradictory, described her attacker as a bespectacled Mexican, late 20s, who was driving an early fifties car, either a Ford or Chevrolet.

By chance, one week later, the girl and her brother-in-law saw what she believed was the car, a 1953 Packard, license plate DFL-312. Records showed that this plate was actually registered to a late model Oldsmobile, but DFL-317 was a Packard, registered to a Twila N. Hoffman; and her boyfriend, Ernesto Miranda, 23, fit the attacker's description almost exactly.

Miranda had a long history of emotional instability and criminal behavior, including a one-year jail term for attempted rape. At police headquarters he was placed in a line-up with three other Mexicans of similar height and build, though none wore glasses. The victim did not positively identify Miranda but said that he bore the closest resemblance to her attacker. Detectives Carroll Cooley and Wilfred Young then took Miranda into an interrogation room. He was told, inaccurately, that he had been identified, and did he want to make a statement? Two hours later Miranda signed a written confession. There had been no blatant coercion or brutality, and included in the confession was a section stating that he understood his rights. When the detectives left interrogation room 2, they were pleased, not realizing the legal repercussions that would result from their efforts.

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over 8 years ago

The name of the victim is almost never published.

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about 9 years ago

my name is kellsie eoff and i am doing a paper on ernesto miranda and i feel sos sorry for that girl i hope she was ok well she is probally dead but stiil it would really help my reseach alot more if there was a picture if her on here i am in 8th grade and i am writing this paper cause one of my essays just got put in a book and so if i send this one in it will be wonderfull but it would be awsome if you could email me back with a picture of the girl that got raped and if this is her web site i am so sorry when i was raped i was only 11 so if there is anything i can do please tell me.

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over 10 years ago

why does no one ever say the girls name o r have any pictures of her. bexcause without a picture or a name it doesn't really help my research paper.

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over 1 year ago

Umm based on a gazillion other trust-worthy sources it was not kidnapping it was murder , Miranda was tried for rape and murder of the 18-year old girl

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over 6 years ago

i hfhssdgdfgf

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over 6 years ago


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about 1 year ago

The headline is completely misleading. He was retried for the same crime, without the confession, and was convicted again anyway. And it was kidnapping, not murder, Thalia.

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almost 9 years ago

was the girl ok?
i hope she was because i am have a research project that i will need to have a picture of her and i hope that girl is still alive even though it was about 40yrs. ago and i also hope she is healthy.Ernesto miranda should of done a better decision because he was put in prison for 11 yrs.Thats why they made the Miranda rights