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In the Matter of Baby M - Significance, The Trial Begins, "by These Standards, We Are All Unfit Mothers", New Jersey Supreme Court's Opinion

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Mary Beth Whitehead


William and Elizabeth Stern

Appellant's Claim

That the surrogacy contract was invalid and conflicted with parental rights and adoption statutes.

Chief Lawyers for Appellant

Harold Cassidy, Randy Wolf

Chief Lawyer for Appellees

Gary Skoloff

Justices for the Court

Robert Clifford, Marie L. Garibaldi, Alan B. Handler, Daniel O'Horn, Stewart G. Pollock, Gary S. Stein, Robert N. Wilentz (writing for the court)

Justices Dissenting



Trenton, New Jersey

Date of Decision

3 February 1988


The New Jersey Supreme Court invalidated the surrogacy contract, finding it contrary to New Jersey law. It restored Whitehead's parental rights and invalidated Elizabeth Stern's adoption, but granted William Stern custody of the infant.





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