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Hopwood v. Texas - Significance, Denied Admission, Millions In Damages, The Terms Of The Complaint, The Former Policy

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Cheryl J. Hopwood, et al.


State of Texas, et al.

Plaintiff's Claim

That the admissions policy at the University of Texas Law School gave unfair advantage to minority applicants over whites.

Chief Lawyer for Plaintiff

Steven Wayne Smith, Michael Rosman

Chief Defense Lawyer

Members of the firm Vinson & Elkins.

Judges for the Court

Harold R. DeMoss, Jacques L. Wiener, Jr., Jerry E. Smith (writing for the court)

Judges Dissenting



New Orleans, Louisiana

Date of Decision

18 March 1996


That the University of Texas Law School's admissions policy violated the civil rights of four non-minority applicants using race as a criterion in granting admittance.

Related Cases

  • University of California v. Bakke, 438 U.S. 265 (1978).
  • Hunter by Brandt v. Regent of the University of California, 971 F.Supp. 1316 (1997).
  • Wessmann by Wessmann v. Boston School Committee, 996 F.Supp. 120 (1998).


Constitutional Law, 13th ed. NY: The Foundation Press Inc., 1997.

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