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Florida v. Bostick - Significance, Minority Opinion, Impact, Random Bus And Train Searches, Further Readings

lawyer petitioner respondent police


State of Florida


Terrance Bostick

Petitioner's Claim

Random police searches of the effects of consenting passengers are not per se unconstitutional.

Chief Lawyer for Petitioner

Joan Fowler, Assistant Attorney General of Florida

Chief Lawyer for Respondent

Donald B. Ayer

Justices for the Court

Anthony M. Kennedy, Sandra Day O'Connor (writing for the Court), William H. Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, David H. Souter, Byron R. White

Justices Dissenting

Harry A. Blackmun, Thurgood Marshall, John Paul Stevens


Washington, D.C.

Date of Decision

20 June 1991


Police sweeps of buses and their passengers are not necessarily unconstitutional.

Related Cases

  • Immigration and Naturalization Service v. Delgado, 466 U.S. 210 (1984).
  • Florida v. Kerwick, 512 So.2d 347 (Fla App. 1987).
  • California v. Hodari D., 499 U.S. 621 (1991).
  • United States v. Williams, 500 U.S. 901 (1991).


Taylor, Stuart Jr. "Travelers Becoming POWs in Drug War." Manhattan Lawyer, May 1990.

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