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See v. City of Seattle - Significance, Protection From Administrative Searches, Impact, Related Cases

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City of Seattle

Appellant's Claim

That the city of Seattle Fire Department must have a search warrant consistent with the safeguards against unreasonable search offered by the Fourth Amendment to perform a fire code inspection of a locked private warehouse.

Chief Lawyer for Appellant

Norman Dorsen

Chief Lawyer for Appellee

A. L. Newbould

Justices for the Court

Hugo Lafayette Black, William J. Brennan, Jr., William O. Douglas, Abe Fortas, Earl Warren, Byron R. White (writing for the Court)

Justices Dissenting

Tom C. Clark, John Marshall Harlan II, Potter Stewart


Washington, D.C.

Date of Decision

5 June 1967


Upheld See's claim and overturned two lower courts' decisions allowing entry by the fire department over the owner's objections without a warrant.

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