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Harrison Act - Consider The Following . . .

drug ounce century enforcement

  • Divide the class into two groups and discuss the longstanding debate as to whether drug use should be considered a crime or a public health issue. How do the two perspectives differ in the treatment of drug traffickers and users? Should society accept drug use as unavoidable and focus only socially disruptive behavior?
  • Opium declined in use through the twentieth century, while heroin use increased with millions of addicts worldwide. Cocaine also declined in use by the twenty-first century but remained a problem for law enforcement. Describe the effects that heroin and cocaine have on the human body.
  • What have been the key drug enforcement issues in your community?

Annum: Year.

Grains: Small fractions of an ounce (grain is a very small unit of weight; 480 grains equal once ounce in pharmacy measurements).

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over 10 years ago

The Harrison Act criminalized drug addicts and made them into criminals. Doctors were imprisoned for writing prescriptions of opiates. The Harrison Act ruined lives, tore families apart, imprisoned people who were not ciminals, they had a diease.Drug addiction is a diease, it has nothing to do with morals. When is law enforement going to realize that the WOD is one of the biggest failures of our Country?? Because of the WOD, narcotics is the most profatable product ever known to humankind. Legalize drugs and your prisons will be largly empty, people wont die in the streets,drug dealers wont exist anymore, and heroin addicts like myself wont have to be out in the streets turning tricks just to stay well. I have been clean from heroin for many years because I am on a methadone clinic, but if heroin were legal,maybe I wouldnt have to spend over $200.00 a month for methadone, when I could get a prescription for much less.My cousin was murdered by the mexican cartel because of the WOD, I have been to over 25 funerals becuse my friends and family died because of the WOD

Please stop the madness, legalize drugs before we self destruct..


Patrice Hodoyan-Bedrosian-Nagel