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Sarah Good - Salem Witch Trials Statistics

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In 1692 alone, legal actions were taken in Massachusetts against 154 individuals accused of the crime of witchcraft. While the cases were located throughout Massachusetts, a large number occurred in Salem, so the trials as a whole have come to be called the Salem Witch Trials. Of the 154 prosecutions, 19 ended in execution, 13 of which were women and 6 were men. Four individuals died while in prison and one man was crushed to death under rocks during his interrogation. Of the 154, 42 prosecutions took place in Salem resulting in 10 of the 19 executions. Forty-one occurred in Andover, resulting in three of the 19 executions. Towns where prosecutions also took place were Amesburg (1 executed), Beverly, Gloucester, Haverhill, Lynn, Malden, Marblehead (1 execution), Reading, Rowley, Topsfield (2 executed), Wenham, plus a few others. One execution occurred in Wells, Maine, and records show that the location of one execution is uncertain.

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over 10 years ago

Willmot is an uncommon first name in our time, but I have heard of it in use in the last 20 years. Granted those with it as a first name were senior citizens, but if you are into Genealogy you will find it as a first name. The use of Wilmot as a first name sure makes researching it as a surname more difficult! [By the way it is an old English form of William or Wilhemina]

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almost 11 years ago

I believe you are mistaken in saying that only 13 of the executed were women. Wilmot Redd may be the source of the error because what the heck kind of name is Wilmot anyway. Actually 14 were women and five were men. I looked on wikipedia (which has become a more reliable source than is commonly thought).

But these statistics were nice. I used them for my paper. Thanks.