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Sarah Good - Excerpt From The "examination Of Sarah Good"

doe tell salem house

The examination of Sarah Good before the worshipfull Assts John Harthorn Jonathan Curren

(H) Sarah Good what evil spirit have you familiarity with

(S G) none

(H) have you made no contract with the devil,

Good answered no

(H) why doe you hurt these children

(g) I doe not hurt them. I scorn it.

(H) who doe you imploy then to doe it

(g) I imploy no body,

(H) what creature do you imploy then,

(g) no creature but I am falsely accused

(H) why did you go away muttering from mr Parris his house

(g) I did not mutter but I thanked him for what he gave my child

(H) have you made no contract with the devil

(g) no

(H) desired the children all of them to look upon her, and see, if this were the person that had hurt them and so they all did looke upon her and said this was one of the persons that did torment them—presently they were all tormented.

(H) Sarah good doe you not see now what you have done why doe you not tell us the truth, why doe you thus torment these poor children

(g) I doe not torment them,

(H) who do you imploy then

(g) I imploy nobody I scorn it

(H) how came they thus tormented,

(g) what doe I know you bring others here and now you charge me with it

(H) why who was it

(g) I doe not know but it was some you brought into the meeting house with you

(H) wee brought you into the meeting house

(g) but you brought in two more

(H) Who was it then that tormented the children

(g) it was osburn

(H) what is it that you say when you goe muttering away from persons houses

(g) if I must tell I will tell

(H) doe tell us then

(g) if I must tell I will tell, it is the commandments I may say my commandments I hope

(H) what commandment is it

(g) if I must tell you I will tell, it is a psalm

(H) what psalm

After a long time shee muttered over some part of a psalm

(H) who doe you serve

(g) I serve god

(H) what god doe you serve

The god that made heaven and earth though shee was not willing to mention the word God her answers were in a very wicked, spitfull manner reflecting and retorting aganst the authority with base and abusive words and many lies shee was taken in. it was here said that her housband had said that he was afraid that shee either was a witch or would be one very quickly the worsh mr Harthon [Magistrate Hathorne] asked him his reason why he said so of her whether he had ever seen any thing by her he answered no not in this nature but it was her bad carriage to him and indeed said he I may say with tears that shee is an enimy to all good.

(Salem Village March the 1t 1691/2

Written by Ezekiell Chevers

Salem Village March the 1t 1691/2)

(Essex County Archives, Salem—Witchcraft Vol. 1, page 6). . . .

(Sarah Gadge v. Sarah Good)

The deposition of Sarah Gadge the wife of Thomas Gadge aged about 40 years this deponent testifieth and saith that about two years & an halfe agone; Sarah Good Came to her house & would have come into the house, but s'd Sarah Gadge told her she should not come in for she was afraid she had been with them that had the Smallpox: & with that she fell to mutring [muttering] & scolding extreamly & soe: told s'd Gadge if she would not let her in she should give her something; & she answered she would not have any thing to doe with her & the next morning after to s'd Deponents best remembrance one of s'd Gadges Cowes Died in A Sudden, terible & Strange, unusuall maner soe that some of the neighbors & said Deponent did think it to be done by witchcraft. . . .

(Essex County Archives, Salem—Witchcraft, Vol. 1, page 8 )

(Ann Putnam, Jr. v. Sarah Good)

The Deposition of Ann Putnam Ju'r who testifieth and saith, that on the 25th of February 1691/92 I saw the apperishtion of Sarah good which did tortor [torture] me most greviously but I did not know hir name tell the 27th of February and then she tould me hir name was Sarah good and then she did prick me and pinch me most greviously: and also sense severall times urging me vehemently to writ in hir book and also on the first day of march being the day of hir Examination Sarah good did most greviously tortor me and also severall times sence: and also on the first day of march 1692 I saw the Apperishtion of Sarah Good goe and afflect and tortor the bodys of Elizabeth parish Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Hubburd. . . .

Salem Witch Trials Statistics

In 1692 alone, legal actions were taken in Massachusetts against 154 individuals accused of the crime of witchcraft. While the cases were located throughout Massachusetts, a large number occurred in Salem, so the trials as a whole have come to be called the Salem Witch Trials. Of the 154 prosecutions, 19 ended in execution, 13 of which were women and 6 were men. Four individuals died while in prison and one man was crushed to death under rocks during his interrogation. Of the 154, 42 prosecutions took place in Salem resulting in 10 of the 19 executions. Forty-one occurred in Andover, resulting in three of the 19 executions. Towns where prosecutions also took place were Amesburg (1 executed), Beverly, Gloucester, Haverhill, Lynn, Malden, Marblehead (1 execution), Reading, Rowley, Topsfield (2 executed), Wenham, plus a few others. One execution occurred in Wells, Maine, and records show that the location of one execution is uncertain.

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