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Born November 22, 1938 (People's Republic of China)

Forensic scientist

Dr. Henry C. Lee is an internationally respected authority in the field of forensic science. Forensic science refers to scientific testing methods and the latest technologies to the collect, preserve, process, and analyze evidence. He has worked with law enforcement agencies on thousands of crime scenes in over thirty countries around the world.

"The criminal investigator and forensic scientist are later responsible for scientifically finding the evidence which will clearly exhibit to a judge and jury just how a murder has been committed and by whom."

Throughout his career Lee has been called on to testify as an expert witness in numerous challenging and high-profile cases. Dr. Lee helped develop research methods to extract and analyze DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) from human bones. DNA is microscopic genetic material found in a person's cells, which is unique to each person. This technological advance was used to identify bodies of U.S. soldiers recovered in Vietnam following the Vietnam War (1954–75; a controversial war in which the United States aided South Vietnam in its fight against a takeover by Communist North Vietnam). The technique also helped identify the remains of war victims recovered from a mass grave in Bosnia in the 1990s. In 1998 Lee founded the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science in order to advance the study and development of forensic science.

Dr. Henry C. Lee. (AP/Wide World Photos)

For More Information


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over 2 years ago

Please send this to Henry Lee. Thank you.
I am sending this to you, a copy/paste of a letter that may overlap with a few things as I’ve added to it these past few days. I have sent to a few different people in various areas described below. Mainly, I am sending this to you, not only because am I committed to sharing the facts, no matter how likely a tendency to deny them may be; but, with you, you will either know of them and allow them to continue, or know that I have the easiest case of the most heinous crimes taking place within undercover investigations in South Carolina. I use the plural, because it is apparent this has happened before and will most certainly without someone who is willing to address it, has the courage to do so. Thank you for reading this.

My name is Melanie van Kampen. I live at 40 Folly Field Rd., C205, Hilton Head, SC
29928. Ph: 18438420422. I am in a false investigation that began in 2010 that was never an investigation, but a plan of torture including long term
poisoning with furfuryl alcohol and other substances, and many other crimes against me. From the beginning, the lead investigator and
attorney fabricated evidence, accepted lies to spread gossip to incite fear
and anger in the community, are responsible for drugging and my being
rapped-and covering it up, by proxy encouraged and set in motion detailed
psychological torture tactics as well as planting evidence and staging false
situations for creating false documentation to support themes outlined to
cover up the poisoning of me as well as community participation, after
creating the atmosphere of fear and anger to justify participation. A primary
theme is to, fabricate over years my being emotionally unstable. Law enforcement employees – victims everyone - have contributed fabrication of
evidence as well as many others, contacted one by one as I reached out,
including physicians, and others of authority, all are victims in this,
having been duped from the beginning with lies and fabricated evidence
themselves to feel justified to participate. I have reached out to local,
state, and federal agencies, as well as hundreds of individuals and various
international organizations. Because of the unbelievable nature of the facts,
these crimes continue, as one officer in Atlanta referred to it as "Death by
1000 Cuts."

My condo is entered daily while I am away. Poisonous substances are put
there. The law enforcement and the security guards know of this and allow it.
When I report it, they intentionally write reports to then add more
fabricated documentation toward the cover up theme for all the crimes against
me, mentally unstable. I am not trying to convince you of anything in this
drop down box. I am merely wanting to reach out to you, a person who wakes up
in the morning to know about, to understand, to expose, and to prevent such
atrocities from happening, a person who by nature of such a commitment does
not have the typical knee jerk reaction to deny the possibility of the nature
of a crime, but gives each situation the resources and attention equally,
knowing that there are thousands of victims beyond the primary victims when
corruption is at the center. For I know that all the thousands of victims
brought in, so easy to do now with cell phones, don't know they are victims.
What I also know from this experience is that corruption leaves a wake of
destruction that will slowly spread like a disease, a disease that in this
case I believe began with not only a corrupt investigator/attorney; but, a
lead investigator that is a sociopath, a sociopath who has spent these years
nurturing others -on a large scale-on that continuum to devalue another,
using fabricated or drug induced or staged pics and reactions from me to the
torture, taking snippets of phrases or communications to intentionally incite
more fear and anger in the community-to develop sociopathic tendencies.
I have over 400 questions, the right questions to the right people, that
prove all of this, and more heinous crimes committed, but all attempts to get
those questions to someone to help are thwarted-even the copy Mr. Campbell at
the Office of Judicial Discipline in Columbia, SC, USA told me would be read
and filed (where I knew the Freedom of Information Act would allow others to
read the questions to expose the truth)in a pending status until I know the
name of the attorney and investigator. Yet, after I left, the
investigator/attorney even had that office return the book of questions to
me, unread, not filed.

Should my attempts share information with you be interfered with, or your
attempts to help me, know that whatever you are shown or told is exactly what
you would be shown or told to cover up such heinous crimes, hold tight to
your commitment to the office you serve, the ideals you believe in, the ones
the attorney and lead investigator in my case believe themselves to be above.
Everything in this case is fabricated, everything, and everyone a victim.
Many, I believe, got in to participate a little, then as their risk grew
along with their anger and fear induced initially with fabrications, they
can't get out even if they wanted. That is why it is a false investigation, a
guise to cover up a sociopath's plan of torture, of which he interjected
himself in the design and simply refers to my acknowledging instances of it
as "projection". The simplicity of this plan of torture and corruption to
cover it up, combined with the large scale of participants topped with the
theme of mental instability, isn't ingenious, but effective. In the least,
may you share these concepts, these possibilities with another, maybe someone
else who wakes up to know, to understand, to stop torture, corruption, misuse
of authority, subjugation of women, manipulating the general public...or
maybe another over a cup of coffee to consider what questions are questions
that need to be asked in order to consider the unbelievable in order that one
simply doesn't have to make a crime unbelievable in order to craft and carry
it out. There's so much more of the torture tactics not mentioned here.
As the victim, observing all the social dynamics resulting from the misuse of social psychology, including mirroring very closely the core tactics used by Hitler to manipulate the general public, it is apparent the threat this poses to our country’s national security, especially when the denial is so great that not even the FBI is resolute enough, strong enough to not be deterred by the basic tenets of the plan of torture and corruption from this lead investigator. As I understand dynamics of sociopaths, this must be his greatest thrill, is greatest creation; he duped everyone by selecting from opportunity, the perfect victim to make everyone, all agencies mentioned above included, a victim as well. And, he gets paid by the victims’ tax dollars.
Is there anyone who will devote consideration to how this plays out in the generations to come? Especially knowing that this lead investigator, and those closest to the core at the beginning, messed up, messed up several times to be exact. Yet, instead of being concerned about it, he enjoys watching those who would stop him laugh or look the other way.
There are those who are not looking the other way, those who are learning all they can from this. So, I ask the question another way, is there anyone who would stop this that will devote consideration to how this plays out in the generations to come?
Then, for you the reader of this, there will most certainly come a moment in your life that you remember, there was at least one person in all of this who believed and never stopped believing in all that is good, true, and blessed about this country we live, and that maybe, just maybe the seeds of awareness planted in the spirit of all that we are as a people, will grow.

Most Sincerely,

Melanie van Kampen

Please let me know my mail, that you received this. Thank you.I frequent the hilton head library, Whole Foods and the park behind it, and often go to the beach from Hilton Head Beach and Tennis where I live around 4:30 am. I drive a silver Volvo. For over 1 year now, key cooperative witnesse to the core of the corruption and cover up make a point to tell me that should anything happen to me during the investigation, everyone will think it is suicide.
Also, of interest, I just found out on line that there is a $200,000,000 case against the state of SC for the same individuals for using some of the same network and tactics regarding evidence.
I believe I know of the person who may have helped in the design of the "mental health" cover up as a major tenet of the corruption-or has knowledge to it-so you would also, very possibly be profiling another profiler as well.
The lead investigator planted evidence in 2010 that is an absolute impossibility. What I mean is that because he-or whoever he used to do it-did not have enough knowledge when planting it to not make a blunder that will prove it was planted. Now that he knows I know, and only the two of us know he planted it and duped other law enforcement and core cooperative witnesses with it, he doesn’t know how he messed up; he hasn't created another fabrication trend to cover it up... Others suspect they've been duped, but are so far into this that even if they wanted, they can't get out. Eric Fair, in his book, Consequence, speaking to torture and relating to corruption, that a red flag for him was when something "seemed too unreasonable to believe." Even though he was prevented from speaking with me or such a simple plan of cover up for torture (and murder which is where this poison ends, as well as the fabrication of evidence in one area is to make me homeless next as you, I hope will witness) is the simplicity I've just laid out in the letter to this post script. So, now I return to my main tenet, to plant seeds of awareness with no expectations.
Lastly, a cooperative witness some time ago told me, as others have dropped important information about their concerns which I believe are related to them not being in agreement with all the crimes being committed, said to me, “There’s nothing a southern white man fears more than a black man, except a happy, independent, white woman.” Do you think there’s any truth to that? He seemed to think among those investigating me, that there was truth to that. Please read statistics on SC rankings of women murdered by men for the past 20 years, notice the spike that began after lynching black men became illegal, notice that the majority of those statistics are white men murdering white women; read the continual “F” rating SC earns in every category of corruption in law enforcement and other judicial categories, find out the ranking of SC white middle aged women who die from poisoning, the neo-nazi groups here…just for starters…