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Ecology of Crime - City And Regional And City Differences, Variation At The Community And Streetblock Levels, Bibliography


Ecological variation in crime, delinquency, and fear of crime are examined in this entry. The discussion examines macro-level variations at the regional and city-levels, this considers community level variations.


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over 7 years ago

Your articles appear useful but cannot be quoted due to poor citation. Most of the time, no author ,no publisher, no date, no page and no reference. thanks

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over 9 years ago

Very informative. I am currently researching the effects of the building of garage suites, used as lower rental units, in a highermiddle class area, and how they will undermine the stability and fabric of the neighbourhood. I feel adding the transient element to this mature area will introduce some negatives etc. Can you point me to more research. Thank you.