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Houston Law Firms

3 Highly Regarded Law Firms in the Houston Area

For people living in the Houston area, it is not hard to find law firms claiming to be able to handle all sorts of problems. Because there are so many, however, unless someone’s job requires working with attorneys every day, it can be difficult to know which firms house the best attorneys and which have less-than-perfect reputations. A lot depends on the particular legal need, of course, but what follows is a small selection of law firms in Houston which have solid reputations.

While their home office is not in Houston, the law firm of Flahive, Ogden and Latson has been a leader in handling Texas workers’ compensation cases for the carrier and employer. They have satellite offices all over the state, including on Welch Street in Houston, and they serve clients all over the state. Their attorneys have decades of combined legal experience, as well as an excellent research staff, and Flahive, Ogden and Latson can and does offer sound legal advice on any workers’ compensation case based upon that expertise. There is no case too large or too small; Flahive, Ogden and Latson’s pledge is to treat every client like their most important one.

Baker Botts is not only the third largest of all the Houston area law firms, but it is one of the 50 largest in the United States. Baker Botts is home to nearly 700 attorneys. They handle clients ranging from major oil companies to the San Jacinto Girl Scouts, and can handle virtually any kind of legal issue. Baker Botts’ reputation is almost unparalleled within the state of Texas, but with international offices from Dubai to Hong Kong, they can provide a Houston native legal assistance even from abroad.

Andrews Kurth, LLP, is one of the Houston law firms ranked most highly by a variety of legal organizations including the Chambers USA guide, Thomson Reuters, and The Amercian Lawyer magazine. Their firm puts a heavy emphasis on diversity, women’s issues and the environment not only in their hiring practices, but also in their approach to the law. Andrews Kurth has dispensed with the “good ole boy network” and brought their law practices into the 21st century, without sacrificing either experience or quality in their selection of attorneys.

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