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Guide to Online Law SchoolsTaft Law School, Abraham Lincoln School of Law

As distance education become more and more popular, more and more people are becoming interested in how to get their law degrees online. There are numerous online law schools, but there is one catch; most states require that a student graduate from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association before they take the state bar exam, and the ABA does not recognize any online schools. One state does allow students from online law schools to sit for the bar exam, however-California. If the convenience of getting degrees in law online offsets the gamble, students will find they have many distance law programs to choose from.

Taft Law School

Taft Law School is one of the oldest distance law schools in the United States. The school has courses in labor, employment, corporate and criminal law, as well as in taxation, health care, intellectual property and legal writing. As of 2010, the college as bachelor of science in law programs, juris doctor degrees and a master of laws. Students can receive income tax credits and deductions, as well as student loan deferrals.

Taft Law School
3700 South Susan St., Office 200
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Abraham Lincoln School of Law

Abraham Lincoln School of Law was the first online law school in California. Students receive instruction through chat sessions, phone and interactive webcasts. Prospective students must pass Abraham Lincoln’s own assessment test before enrolling, but are not required to take the standard law school admissions test. Curriculum for the college’s juris doctor program includes criminal law, torts, criminal procedure, community property, advanced writing, trial techniques, civil litigation and constitutional law. Those interested in financing options can contact the school.

Abraham Lincoln School of Law
1730 W. Olympic Boulevard, Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Thomas Jefferson School of Law offers master of laws, master of science of law and doctor of juridical science degrees. It also offers specialized certifications in Chartered Compliance Analyst, Master Project Manager, Chartered Trust and Estate Planner, and many more. These are not only for law students, but can also be taken by accountants, bankers, financial services employees, compliance officers and risk managers. The school offers “concentrations” in international and United States tax, bankruptcy, wealth management and compliance and risk management. Tuition is calculated by credit hour and includes lecture and course access, software, access to the alumni and student network, academic transcripts and online law and business library access.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law
2121 San Diego Avenue
San Diego, CA 921110

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