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Attorney Brain Injury - Questions to ask an Attorney Brain Injury Specialist - Use Brain Injury Attorney Resources

How to find the right attorney brain injury specialist

When you or someone you love has been injured tragically in an accident that causes brain injury, you need to know and understand your rights medically and legally. Finding the right brain injury attorney specialist makes a difference in the outcome of your law suit. There are very specific questions that need to be asked when interviewing lawyers to handle your case.

  • Just as with medical care, you wouldn’t choose a dermatologist to handle your broken bone, so is the area of law. An attorney brain injury specialist knows the effects of brain injuries and understands symptoms that are caused from different types of injuries of the brain. Be certain that he/she has experience in this area and literally spends the majority of his/her law practice dealing in this area of law.
  • Through experience in this field, the attorney brain injury specialist will know expert medical professionals who can evaluate your situation. It is imperative that the attorney you choose has the ability to evaluate your injuries and identify the legal issues surrounding your case. A general personal injury attorney is not sufficient.
  • The attorney you hire to represent you must have the necessary funds to pay the experts who will testify on your behalf. This can be very expensive since there are quite a few necessary to thoroughly cover your case: a neurologist, vocational economist, and a neuropsychologist, to name a few.
  • Because injuries of this nature require extensive treatment and the medical care expense is phenomenal, you need to find an attorney who understands insurance coverage from the automobile (if its a car accident) or home owner’s (if it occurs in the home) or worker’s compensation (if it occurs at work) perspective, and they know how to get the reimbursements necessary to get you the care you need. Cases such as brain injury suits can take years to resolve. You need an attorney with perseverance.

Use Brain Injury Attorney Resources

Attorney Gordon S. Johnson, Jr. is an advocate for persons with brain injuries. He has worked in this particular area of the law for over 25 years, focusing solely on those who have traumatic brain injuries for accidents. The Brain Injury Law Office, which he founded, is dedicated to educating people and their families on issues surrounding brain injuries. He started a website for families of coma patients called www.waiting.com that compiles information for families while they are waiting for their loved one to come out of a coma. You can reach Mr. Johnson at The Brain Injury Law Group (800) 992-9447.

Brain Damage Attorneys.com is a guide to educate the public on brain damage as well as to help find legal representation from an attorney brain injury specialist. You can call a 24-hour emergency assistance program at (800) 631-5158. Survivors of traumatic brain injuries need thousands of dollars in medical care and home care. A person in this country sustains a brain injury every 21 seconds. It is important that you understand what to ask and where to get the help you need.

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