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Professional Responsibility

Enforcement Of Professional Responsibility

In every state the supreme court or legislature has created a committee or board that is authorized to enforce state rules of professional conduct. This committee examines allegations of a lawyer's professional misconduct and recommends whether to reprimand him, suspend his license, place him on supervised or unsupervised PROBATION, or permanently revoke his license.

The specific procedures on professional discipline vary from state to state, but every state

Attorney James Fett reviews documents pertaining to the lawsuit of his client, James Brazin. A lawyer is expected to communicate openly with a client, making clear the laws and processes affecting the matter at hand.

allows for court review of a conduct committee's recommendation to discipline a lawyer. When a lawyer's license is suspended, the lawyer may petition the state supreme court for readmission to the bar, after a time specified by the state rules. The supreme court will ask the professional responsibility committee for its recommendation on reinstatement.

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