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Conference of State Court Administrators

Founded in 1955, the Conference of State Court Administrators is an association of the administrators of state courts and the courts of the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam. According to the conference, its purpose is "to deal with problems of state court systems." Toward that end, the conference tries to

  • encourage the formulation of fundamental policies, principles, and standards for state court administration.
  • facilitate cooperation, consultation, and exchange of information by and among national, state, and local offices and organizations directly concerned with court administration.
  • foster the utilization of the principles and techniques of modern management in the field of JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATION.
  • improve administrative practices and procedures in and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all courts in the several states.

The members of the conference are the principal court administrative officers of the several states, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and any other jurisdiction that is elected as a full member of the CONFERENCE OF CHIEF JUSTICES. If any state or any other member jurisdiction of the Conference of Chief Justices does not have a duly appointed principal court administrative officer, the chief justice of that state or jurisdiction may designate an individual to take part in the activities of the Conference of State Court Administrators in an associate member status. An associate member is not eligible to vote or hold office. Serving as the secretariat is the National Center for State Courts. It publishes State Judiciary News and holds annual meetings.

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