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Robert Coman Brickell

Robert Coman Brickell was born April 4, 1824, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. He was admitted to the bar in 1843, began his law practice in Huntsville, Alabama, in 1851, and soon became a respected name in the legal system of that state. He gained a reputation as a supporter of STATES' RIGHTS

and believed in secession from the Union prior to the onset of the Civil War.

In 1873, Brickell served as associate justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama. He was selected to act as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 1874, an appointment he again accepted in 1880. He held this office until 1884.

Brickell resumed his law practice in Alabama in 1884 but in 1894 returned to the bench of the Alabama Supreme Court. He died November 20, 1900, in Huntsville.

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