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Wilson Shannon Bissell

Wilson Shannon Bissell was born December 31, 1847, in New London, New York. He graduated from Yale in 1869 and received a doctor of laws degree in 1893. In 1872 he established a legal practice with Lyman K. Bass and in 1873 GROVER CLEVELAND joined the firm, forming Bass, Cleveland and Bissell.

In 1888 Bissell acted as a presidential elector and in 1890, served on a commission to amend the judicial articles of the New York Constitution.

Grover Cleveland, as president of the United States in 1893, selected his former law partner to serve as U.S. postmaster general, which post Bissell held until 1895.

Extending his career to the field of education, Bissell became chancellor of the University of Buffalo in 1902. He died October 6, 1903, in Buffalo.

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