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Justin A. Volpe et al. Trials: 1999 & 2000

"sit Tight"

Key prosecutorial evidence included flurries of telephone calls among the accused officers in the hours and days immediately after the attack. And prosecution witness Michael Immitt, a trustee of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association (the police union), angrily conceded on the witness stand that, in a closed-door meeting for four days after the attack, he had counseled the defendants to keep silent, saying, "Sit tight, don't talk about it. Don't talk to anyone unless something official comes down."

On Monday, March 6, 2000, after deliberating four days, the six white and six nonwhite jury panelists found the three defendants guilty, accepting the prosecution's argument that Schwarz had recruited Bruder and Wiese to help cover up Schwarz's role in the assault. The conviction came even though Volpe testified at the second trial that Schwarz had not been in the bathroom during the attack. Schwarz, Bruder, and Wiese faced a jail sentence of up to five years, while Volpe planned to appeal his 30-year sentence.

Abner Louima also wanted another day in court, filing a $155 million civil lawsuit against the police officers, their union, the NYPD, and the city of New York.

Bernard Ryan, Jr. and

Michael Butgan

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