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Thomas Capano Trial: 1998-99

The Trial, Accident Or Murder?

Defendant: Thomas Capano
Crime Charged: Murder
Chief Defense Lawyers: Joseph S. Oteri, Eugene Maurer and Charles M. Oberly Ill
Chief Prosecutors: Colm Connolly and Ferris W. Wharton
Judge: William Swain Lee
Place: Wilmington, Delaware
Dates of Trial: October 26, 1998-January 18, 1999
Verdict. Guilty
Sentence: Death

SIGNIFICANCE: The notorious murder trial of one of the state's most prominent attorneys stunned Delaware's legal and political establishment.

On June 27, 1996, Anne Marie Fahey, a 30-year-old scheduling secretary working for Delaware Governor Tom Carper, vanished. On the night of her baffling disappearance, Fahey had been seen in a restaurant with noted Wilmington lawyer and political wheeler-dealer, Thomas Capano. Capano, 47 years old, married with four children, had been dating Fahey since 1993. She was just one of his many ongoing affairs. Capano was charged with Fahey's murder despite the fact that her body was not found.

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