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Whitewater Trials and Impeachment of a President: 1994-99

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By October 1997, the Paula Jones case was getting funding from the Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending civil liberties. That month, Rutherford received three anonymous phone calls from a woman who said President Clinton might have had an affair with a woman named Monica Lewinsky. The Rutherford lawyers realized that such a person could be a valuable witness for Jones regarding Clinton's character and behavior.

McDougal Indicted Again

In April 1998 Susan McDougal completed her 18-month sentence for civil contempt of court and started to serve her two-year sentence for fraud. And once more she refused to testify before the Starr grand jury. On May 4, 1998, she was indicted on two charges of criminal contempt and one of obstruction of justice.

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