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John Wayne and Lorena Bobbitt Trials: 1993 & 1994

Lorena Bobbitt Is Charged

Lorena Bobbitt was charged with malicious wounding. Overnight, the amputation, the reattachment, the couple's record of domestic violence, and Lorena's statement, saying she was raped by her drunken husband at 3 A.M., which was the last straw for her, spread like wildfire throughout the world. Late night talk show hosts David Letterman and Jay Leno began quipping Bobbitt jokes night after night.

With Lorena indicted and women's voices rising, Attorney Paul B. Ebert of Prince William County Commonwealth, Virginia, examined Lorena's police statement. Six weeks later, he indicted John Bobbitt on a charge of marital sexual assault.

By this time, the outraged members of the Virginia chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) had set up a support hotline. Dr. Sehn's wife was harassed by women who were angry that her husband's surgery had succeeded. "This is a tragedy, not a comedy," said Phyllis D. Barkhurst of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. "It is deeply revealing that it has taken the mutilation of a man to attract attention to the abuse of women," said a New York Times Op-Ed article.

Both Bobbitts quickly hired agents to handle book and movie offers and public appearances. Almost immediately, Lorena's agents got her on ABC's 20/20, publicand in Vanity Fair magazine. immediately, Both Bobbitts filed for divorce.

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