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Anne Bradley Trial: 1907

A Woman Ahead Of The Times

Anne Bradley (nee Maddison) was 30 years Brown's junior. Born in Missouri, her family moved to Salt Lake City in 1890. For three years she worked as an assistant to her uncle who was the superintendent of the city's Water Works Department. Anne Maddison married Clarence Bradley in 1893, and the couple had two children.

Anne Bradley was active in the social and literary affairs of Salt Lake City. Unlike most women of her time, Bradley was also active in politics. In 1902, she was elected to a two-year term as the secretary of the state Republican committee. Afterward, Bradley received her party's nomination for city auditor, but lost the election. (At this time, Utah was one of the few states to allow women to vote and hold public office.)

Bradley was introduced to Brown by her uncle in 1890, and they became close friends. In 1898, Bradley separated from her husband. That's when the senator began his protestations of affection. Despite Bradley's initial objections, the two became lovers. In February 1900 a son was born, and he was christened "Arthur Brown" in the senator's presence.

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