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Dui Lawyer San Diego

How to find a DUI lawyer in San Diego

Many people are wrongly charged with driving under the influence in major cities, especially in San Diego which is known for its strong police presence. If you have been pulled over for such a charge, often you will want to hire your own DUI lawyer in San Diego in order to beat the case or have the charges reduced, so that you will not have a permanent criminal record and have to deal with complex ramifications. This guide is meant to assist you in finding the best DUI attorney in the San Diego area so you do not have to deal with the financial and mental worries that come with a wrongful conviction.

If you have a friend or family member who has hired an attorney in the past to fight a San Diego DUI charge, ask them about their experience and how happy they were with their DUI lawyer. Oftentimes word of mouth is the best way to find an attorney. If you are acquainted with any attorneys nationwide, see if they can make recommendations for a DUI lawyer for San Diego. Failing that, you can do an internet search to find directories of San Diego DUI attorneys.

Make sure you find out ahead of time what the fees will be, if there is a fee for a consultation, and if the lawyer specializes in DUI cases. Sometimes by searching online archives of papers like the San Diego Union Tribune you can find high-profile DUI cases and the attorney who defended them. When you go to your meeting with the lawyer, find out if he or she has defended many cases with circumstances similar to yours, and what the outcome was. Do some research on your attorney before making the decision to hire; you can ask the DUI attorney to provide professional or case references in San Diego, or go online and look up peer reviews of the lawyer. Also ensure that the lawyer you are considering hiring is in good standing with the California Bar Association.

A working relationship between your DUI lawyer in San Diego and the district attorney is often important. Find out how often your lawyer appears in San Diego County court cases, since many appearances will increase the likelihood of a good relationship that can result in more favorable plea bargains, or even getting the prosecution to admit there is not enough evidence to try the case. Make sure that your DUI lawyer has won San Diego cases as well, just in the event that your case is taken to trial. Many law firms will be happy to furnish records of trial outcomes if you ask.

By following this guide, you can be assured of hiring the best DUI attorney in San Diego who can defend your rights and prevent the permanent blemish on your life that would result from an unwarranted DUI conviction.

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