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Chicago Injury Attorney

Tips on Finding a Chicago Injury Attorney

In Chicago, injury attorneys serve a necessary function where misfortunes like dog bites, car accidents, or workplace mishaps can often occur. However, there are often so many Chicago injury lawyers available that it can be particularly difficult to narrow your options down to just one. By following these simple tips, however, you can help select the best Chicago injury law firm and get back to your everyday life as quickly as possible.

1. You want to call for a consultation soon after the incident occurs, but do some research online first; most Chicago injury lawyers will have websites for their firm. Check to make sure that these attorneys specialize in law practice which pertains to your unique situation; some Chicago injury attorneys will primarily assist in auto accident cases, others prefer to represent victims of unsafe working conditions.

2. Make sure the attorney is a member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association and the American Association for Justice, which are both associations comprised of Illinois personal injury attorneys.

3. Talk to people you know to help decide on your Chicago injury attorney. Has a friend or family member in the area been represented by a Chicago injury lawyer? Were they satisfied with the outcome of the case? If you know any lawyers, ask them if they are acquainted with any attorneys in Chicago; they may be able to give you insider information on attorneys they have met or worked with.

4. Scan the online archives of the Chicago Tribune or the Chicago Sun-Times for personal injury cases, especially those whose circumstances may resemble yours. Some law offices are particularly adept at winning large settlement cases, and this is one easy way to find them.

5. After you have scheduled a consultation with your Chicago injury lawyer, make sure to ask for a brochure or promotional materials before making a decision. Investigate the statements presented in their literature and make sure they corroborate with your own findings. Be sure to verify whether or not this consultation will cost you money, and come with a list of questions to ask. These questions should include which Chicago personal injury lawyer would be working on your case, if the case will be on a contingent fee basis, and the number of cases like yours he or she has handled, as well as their outcomes.

6. Many Chicago injury law firms will be happy to furnish you with references, or even to put you in contact with individuals who they have represented. The best way to learn about a personal injury attorney’s performance is to speak with someone who used this attorney.

7. Finally, Chicago injury attorneys with enough money to put out television ads or be listed on specialized Illinois attorney lists will not always be the best firm to represent you. Do your own research before settling on a single Chicago injury lawyer for your case.

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