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Inc. South Carolina State Highway Department v. Barnwell Bros.

Big Rig Road Hazards

  • Fatigue and lack of sleep are the number one causes of collisions involving big trucks.
  • A National Transportation Safety Board survey found that fatigue was a factor in 30 to 40 percent of truck accidents.
  • In more than 30 percent of crashes in which a truck driver died, fatigue was the most likely cause.
  • In one survey, at least 19 percent of truck drivers admitted to falling asleep at the wheel within the past month.
  • A survey of long-haul truckers driving from Washington to Minnesota demonstrated that nearly 60 percent of those trucks drove longer than they were supposed to.
  • Logging false hours is so common that many drivers call them "comic books" or "joke books."
  • Truckers attribute their willingness to break hours of service rules to financial pressures.
  • One out of eight traffic fatalities in 1997 resulted from an accident involving a big rig.
  • 98 percent of the people killed in two-vehicle accidents involving a passenger vehicle and a large truck in 1997 were occupants of the passenger vehicle.
  • In 1997, 717 large truck occupants died, a 16 percent increase over 1996.

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