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United States v. Belmont

Millions In Limbo, The Power Of International Compacts, Further Readings


United States


Morgan and Eleanor R. Belmont, executors of the last will and testament of August Belmont, deceased

Petitioner's Claim

That a U.S. district court erred in dismissing the U.S. government's claims against the August Belmont Company.

Chief Lawyer for Petitioner

Stanley Reed, U.S. Solicitor General

Chief Lawyer for Respondent

Cornelius Wickersham

Justices for the Court

Louis D. Brandeis, Pierce Butler, Benjamin N. Cardozo, Charles Evans Hughes, James Clark McReynolds, Owen Josephus Roberts, Harlan Fiske Stone, George Sutherland (writing for the Court), Willis Van Devanter

Justices Dissenting



Washington, D.C.

Date of Decision

3 May 1937


Diplomatic relations between the United States and the Soviet Union dictated that the bank must release the funds.


The decision affirmed the power of presidential executive orders. The Court reasoned that some types of treaties do not require Senate approval to be implemented.

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