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Inc. v. Kay R.I.S.E.

Significance, The King And Queen Landfill Dilemma, Community Mobilization, Impact, Further Readings


Residents Involved in Saving the Environment, Inc., and others


King and Queen County Board of Supervisors consisting of five members: R. A. Kay, Jr., R. H. Bourne, J. R. Walton, R. F. Alsop, and W. L. Hickman

Plaintiff's Claim

That placing a landfill in a predominantly African American area results in a racially disproportionate impact and violates the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause.

Chief Lawyer for Plaintiff

Sa'ad El-Amin

Chief Defense Lawyer

John Granville Douglass


Richard L. Williams (writing for the court)


Richmond, Virginia

Date of Decision

21 June 1991


Ruled in favor of the Virginia county and allowed the project to proceed by finding that the racially disproportionate impact was not intentional.

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