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Washington v. Davis

Significance, Supreme Court Holds That Evidence Of Discriminatory Intent Is Necessary To Prove Racial Discrimination, Further Readings


Walter E. Washington


Alfred E. Davis

Appellant's Claim

That job qualification tests which minorities fail in disproportionate numbers do not violate the Equal Protection Clause.

Chief Lawyer for Appellant

David P. Sutton

Chief Lawyer for Appellee

Richard B. Sobol

Justices for the Court

Harry A. Blackmun, Warren E. Burger, Lewis F. Powell, Jr., William H. Rehnquist, John Paul Stevens, Potter Stewart, Byron R. White (writing for the Court)

Justices Dissenting

William J. Brennan, Jr., Thurgood Marshall


Washington, D.C.

Date of Decision

7 June 1976


The Supreme Court held that the job tests were not unconstitutional.

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