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et al. v. Philip Morris Incorporated Broin et al.

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Norma R. Broin, Major Mark L. Broin, and 60,000 airline flight attendants


Philip Morris Inc. and 14 other United States tobacco companies

Plaintiffs' Claim

That the United States tobacco companies through conspiracy and fraud withheld from the pubic critical information on the health hazards of secondhand cigarette smoke.

Chief Lawyers for Plaintiffs

Stanley and Susan Rosenblatt

Chief Defense Lawyers

David L. Ross, Norman A. Coll, Robert L. Burlington, Edward A. Moss, Daniel Donahue


Robert P. Kaye


Miami, Florida

Date of Decision

10 October 1997


The tobacco companies agreed to settle the injury claim before going to jury, funding a $300 million research foundation and paying $49 million in attorney fees and court costs, but not admitting to wrongdoing.

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  • State of Mississippi et al. v. American Tobacco Co. et al., Cause No. 94-1429 (1991).
  • State of Florida et al. v. American Tobacco Co. et al., Civil Action No. 95-1466 AH, 15th Judicial Cir. (1997).


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