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Gompers v. United States

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Samuel Gompers


United States

Petitioner's Claim

That the alleged contempt took place more than three years before the proceedings began and therefore beyond the statute of limitations.

Chief Lawyer for Petitioner

Alton B. Parker

Chief Lawyer for Respondent

J. J. Darlington

Justices for the Court

William Rufus Day, Oliver Wendell Holmes (writing for the Court), Charles Evans Hughes, Joseph Rucker Lamar, Horace Harmon Lurton, Joseph McKenna, Edward Douglass White

Justices Dissenting

Mahlon Pitney, Willis Van Devanter


Washington, D.C.

Date of Decision

11 May 1914


The Court reversed the decision of the lower court based on the statue of limitations to punish contempt was three years.

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  • Bloom v. Illinois, 391 U.S. 194 (1968).


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