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Sammy's v. City of Mobile

The Origins Of The Case, Ordinance No. 03-003, Arguments Focused On Freedom Of Expression


Sammy's of Mobile, Alabama


City of Mobile, Alabama

Appellant's Claim

That a city ordinance prohibiting establishments that featured nude dancing from selling alcohol was unconstitutional.

Chief Lawyer for Appellant

Donald M. Briskman

Chief Lawyer for Appellee

Roderick P. Stout

Judges for the Majority

Stanley F. Birch, James C. Hill (writing for the majority)

Judges Dissenting

Phyllis A. Kravitch


Atlanta, Georgia

Date of Decision

8 May 1998


The court ruled in favor of the city of Mobile and its ordinance.


This ruling affirmed the reasoning behind laws that prohibit alcohol from being served at establishments where there is also entertainment of a sexual or explicit nature. The Eleventh Circuit Court in Atlanta, Georgia, found that this particular ordinance was not in violation the First Amendment's clause regarding freedom of speech.

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