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Mainstream Loudoun et al. v. Board of Trustees of the Loudoun County Library et al.

Significance, The Internet Filtering Dilemma, Loudoun Chooses Restricted Access, Protection By Subtraction, Impact


Mainstream Loudoun Association and ten members


Board of Trustees of the Loudoun County Library and Douglas Henderson

Plaintiff's Claim

That the Loudoun County Library violated the Speech Clause of the First Amendment by restricting patrons' access to certain Internet sites.

Chief Lawyer for Plaintiff

Robert Corn-Revere

Chief Defense Lawyer

Kenneth C. Bass III


Leonie M. Brinkema


Alexandria, Virginia

Date of Decision

7 April 1998


Ruled in favor of Mainstream Loudoun by finding that the Loudoun County Library must revise its Internet access policy to not violate the First Amendment's Speech Clause.

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  • Board of Education v. Pico, 457 U.S. 853 (1982).
  • Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union, 512 U.S. 844 (1997).

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