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Tennessee v. Scopes

Significance, The Circus Comes To Dayton, Evolution On Trial, Darrow Deflates Bryan, Teaching Evolutionism


State of Tennessee


John Thomas Scopes

Chief Prosecutors

William Jennings Bryan; A.T. Stewart, Attorney General of Tennessee

Chief Defense Lawyers

Clarence Darrow, Arthur Garfield Hays, Dudley Field Malone


John T. Raulston


Dayton, Tennessee

Date of Decision

21 July 1925


Guilty; however, neither side won the case because the decision was reversed on a technicality involving the judge's error in imposing a fine that legally could only be set by the jury.

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Spaid, Elizabeth Levitan. "Scopes Revisited: South Puts Creationism Into Classroom."The Christian Science Monitor, 8 March 1996

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