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Consider The Following . . .

  • Rather than being the initiator of AMBER programs throughout the country, the AMBER Alert sections of PROTECT followed and further organized efforts of states and cities. Why do you think the establishment of AMBER programs progressed so rapidly that the federal government found itself having to catch up?
  • Research the AMBER Alert program in your state or locality. What guidelines are followed for issuing an alert? How are alerts issued to the public? How successful have they been in safely recovering abducted children?
  • What is the key reason for not issuing an AMBER Alert when the abductor is a relative?

So designated: Appointed.

Gaps: Areas where alert communications are lacking.

Elements: Local, regional, and state AMBER plans.

Implemented: Put into use.

Dissemination: Spreading the word of an alert.

Voluntary: The minimum standards are not required but may be used by local and regional plans at their choosing.

Facilitate: Bring about.

Enhancement: Improvement.

Protocols: Detailed plans for communication.

Appropriations: Funding.

Fiscal year: A twelve month period based on receipt of taxes and other revenues, extending from October 1 to September 30 of the following year.

Barriers: Things that would block or hinder use of the programs.

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