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Things To Remember While Reading Excerpts From The Protect Act Of 2003:

  • A quick response is vital to save abducted children from harm. The Department of Justice reports 74 percent of children murdered by their abductors are killed within three hours of being taken.
  • Section 301 requires the U.S. attorney general to name a national AMBER Alert coordinator and lists the duties of the national coordinator.
  • Section 302 directs the coordinators to establish minimum standards for guidance as to when an AMBER alert should be issued. Although most follow the voluntary standards closely, state and local programs set their own requirements for issuing an alert.
  • Section 303 involves the U.S. Department of Transportation's role in the AMBER Alert programs. The section requires the secretary of transportation to provide money grants to states for alert programs, including installation of electronic message signs or other motorist notification systems.
  • Section 304 requires the attorney general to provide grants to states to develop support programs such as education and training programs to teach the public about AMBER Alerts and new technologies to aid the program's quick response.
  • The following excerpt allows students to read a portion of a law as it is actually organized and worded.

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