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Lawes Divine

Consider The Following . . .

  • List traits of character individuals who volunteered to go to Virginia must have possessed. Based on the characteristics you list, do you think the severe "Lawes" prepared by the Virginia Company were justified for colony survival? Why or why not?
  • Use your imagination to write about a day in the life of a settler living under the Lawes. How well or how poorly does your settler adapt to the rules?
  • Obtain a copy of the U.S. Bill of Rights written in 1791. Study amendments 1, 5, and 6. Compare and contrast the basic liberties and rights in these amendments with the regulations set in the Lawes.
  • Review the names of the early governors of the Jamestown settlement. For whom was the colony of Delaware named?

Blaspheme: Show lack of reverence toward something holy.

Vain: A disrespectful or rude manner.

Bane: With an intent to ruin or harm.

Bodkin: A long sharp instrument for making holes in cloth.

Derision or despite: Show contempt for or defiance and ridicule.

God's holy word: Words from the Bible.

Demean: Behave disrespectfully.

All reverent regard and dutiful entreaty: Have only the utmost respect for the clergymen.

Sabbath: Sunday.

Working days: Monday through Saturday.

Public or private abroad: Outside the home.

Sanctify: Make holy.

The same: Sabbath.

Catechizing: Teaching.

Pretended malice: Intent to cause injury.

Sodomy: Homosexual activities or certain forms of sexual activity.

Adultery: Sexual relations between a married person and someone other than his or her spouse.

Ravish: Rape.

Fornication: Sex between two people not married to one another.

Guilty of sacrilege: Showing disrespect for the church or its sacraments [acts of faith].

Filch: Take.

Commodities: Supplies.

Victuals: Food.

Imbezell: Old English for embezzle; when someone steals property entrusted to his or her care by another.

Mattocke: A digging tool.

Sturgeon: Large, bony fish.

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