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Ted Kaczynski

The Education Of A Genius, Domestic Terrorism, Defining The "unabom", The Freedom Club

Born May 22, 1942 (Evergreen Park, Illinois)

Domestic terrorist

Ted Kaczynski was an American terrorist who used his crimes to draw attention to his political views. His campaign to fight what he believed was the evil of technological progress was waged with bombs he delivered or mailed to sixteen different places across the country. Over a period of eighteen years, Kaczynski killed three people and wounded twenty-three others with his bomb devices. His primary targets were people he associated with computers and other high-tech industries.

Kaczynski believed that modern industrial civilization was destroying nature, alienating humans from one another, and manipulating people's minds and attitudes. In his writings, which became commonly known as the "Unabomber Manifesto," Kaczynski argued for the destruction of the industrial system in order to rid the world of modern technology and free humanity.

"The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race."

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