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Ted Bundy

Political Connections

Ted Bundy served on the Nelson Rockefeller (1908–1979) presidential campaign in 1968 and the successful reelection campaign of Washington governor Dan Evans. Bundy was appointed to the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Committee, and later became an assistant to Ross Davis, the chairman of the Washington State Republican Party.

Due to his lack of finances and his need to keep up appearances, Bundy stole things he needed from stores and homes. He also continued a childhood habit of peeping into women's windows and developed a strong appetite for violent pornography. In order to relax before engaging in theft or voyeurism, Bundy would consume large amounts of alcohol. About this time, he traded in his beloved VW bug for a newer light brown, 1968 model.

Bundy had matured into a handsome man with striking blue eyes who dressed impeccably. University theatrical arts classes taught him about acting and makeup. He acquired a false mustache and other accessories that allowed him to change his appearance at will. While working for a medical supply company Ted stole a variety of props, including plaster casting material, splints, slings, and crutches.

Bundy earned his bachelor's degree in psychology in 1972. He briefly attended the new University of Puget Sound Law School before transferring to the University of Utah's law school in the fall of 1974.

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