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Treaties in Force

A publication compiled by the Treaty Affairs Staff, Office of the Legal Adviser, STATE DEPARTMENT, which lists treaties and other international agreements of the United States that are on record with the Department of State.

Treaties in Force lists those treaties and other agreements that had not expired on the date of publication, had not been repudiated by the parties, had not been replaced by other agreements, or had not otherwise been terminated. It employs the term treaties in its broad, generic sense as alluding to all international agreements of the United States. In its narrower sense, in the United States, the word treaties denotes international agreements executed by the president with the advice and consent of two-thirds of the Senate.

This publication also includes agreements in force between the United States and foreign nations that the president has made pursuant to, or in accordance with, existing legislation or a treaty, subject to congressional approval or effectuation, or under and in accordance with the president's power under the Constitution.

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