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Police Corruption and Misconduct - History, Contemporary Problems, Further Readings

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The violation of state and federal laws or the violation of individuals' constitutional rights by police officers; also when police commit crimes for personal gain.

Police misconduct and corruption are abuses of police authority. Sometimes used interchangeably, the terms refer to a wide range of procedural, criminal, and civil violations. Misconduct is the broadest category. Misconduct is "procedural" when it refers to police who violate police department rules and regulations; "criminal" when it refers to police who violate state and federal laws; "unconstitutional" when it refers to police who violate a citizen's CIVIL RIGHTS; or any combination thereof. Common forms of misconduct are excessive use of physical or DEADLY FORCE, discriminatory arrest, physical or verbal harassment, and selective enforcement of the law.

Police corruption is the abuse of police authority for personal gain. Corruption may involve profit or another type of material benefit gained illegally as a consequence of the officer's authority. Typical forms of corruption include BRIBERY, EXTORTION, receiving or fencing stolen goods, and selling drugs. The term also refers to patterns of misconduct within a given police department or special unit, particularly where offenses are repeated with the acquiescence of superiors or through other ongoing failure to correct them.

Safeguards against police misconduct exist throughout the law. Police departments themselves establish codes of conduct, train new recruits, and investigate and discipline officers, sometimes in cooperation with civilian complaint review boards which are intended to provide independent evaluative and remedial advice. Protections are also found in state law, which permits victims to sue police for damages in civil actions. Typically, these actions are brought for claims such as the use of excessive force ("police brutality"), false arrest and imprisonment, MALICIOUS PROSECUTION, and WRONGFUL DEATH. State actions may be brought simultaneously with additional claims for constitutional violations.

Through both criminal and civil statutes, federal law specifically targets police misconduct. Federal law is applicable to all state, county, and local officers, including those who work in correctional facilities. The key federal criminal statute makes it unlawful for anyone acting with police authority to deprive or conspire to deprive another person of any right protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States (Section 18 U.S.C. § 241 [2000]). Another statute, commonly referred to as the police misconduct provision, makes it unlawful for state or local police to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of their rights (42 U.S.C.A. 14141 [2000]).

Additionally, federal law prohibits discrimination in police work. Any police department receiving federal funding is covered by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. § 2000d) and the Office of Justice Programs statute (42 U.S.C. § 3789d[c]), which prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, and religion. These laws prohibit conduct ranging from racial slurs and unjustified arrests to the refusal of departments to respond to discrimination complaints.

Because neither the federal criminal statute nor the civil police misconduct provision provides for lawsuits by individuals, only the federal government may bring suit under these laws. Enforcement is the responsibility of the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT. Criminal convictions are punishable by fines and imprisonment. Civil convictions are remedied through injunctive relief, a type of court order that requires a change in behavior; typically, resolutions in such cases force police departments to stop abusive practices, institute types of reform, or submit to court supervision.

Private litigation against police officers or departments is difficult. Besides time and expense, a significant hurdle to success is found in the legal protections that police enjoy. Since the late twentieth century, many court decisions have expanded the powers of police to perform routine stops and searches. Plaintiffs generally must prove willful or unlawful conduct on the part of police; showing mere NEGLIGENCE or other failure of due care by police officers often does not suffice in court.

Most problematically of all for plaintiffs, police are protected by the defense of immunity—an exemption from penalties and burdens that the law generally places on other citizens. This IMMUNITY is limited, unlike the absolute immunity enjoyed by judges or legislators. In theory, the defense allows police to do their job without fear of REPRISAL. In practice, however, it has become increasingly difficult for individuals to sue law enforcement officers for damages for allegedly violating their civil rights. U.S. Supreme Court decisions have continually asserted the general rule that officers must be given the benefit of the doubt that they acted lawfully in carrying out their day-to-day duties, a position reasserted in Saucier v. Katz, 533 U.S. 194, 121 S. Ct. 2151, 150 L. Ed. 2d 272 (2001).

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about 8 years ago

how do you go about a small town police force, less than 5 officers, that are corrupt, as is the towns court system, when one of them violates your civil rights?

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about 8 years ago

Can someone tell me when does a police officer become corrupt in his/her career. Is it right away or is it over time. Also,can you tell me why they become corrupt?

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almost 8 years ago

In Alberta attacks are being done against members of the public through the several teams involved with Alberta Children's Services as the focal point as well as Alberta Health Services. The teams include the Mental health at Risk Response Team. The Child At Risk Response Team and Children's Services Zebra program operated by the Police services. The other cross minsitry teams include participation by RCMP and a huge number of volunteers trained by both the Candaian gov't and the several agencies assigned to help create the witch hunts which finacialy benefit the teams.

Here is how the attacks work. Police members target a family or child. In moist cases the children are among the working poor. Complaianats are also targetted. The issue is to attack families who have homes or asets but little finacial stability and will be forced to sell their homes to protect their child. The use of falsified emergency protection orders against families involved in Domestic Disharmony is the sual route. This is done by making threats against the child through childrens services. The attackers at the Edmonton Crisis Unit are Police team mates rotating through Zebra and several are Police wives. They attack the child alleging mental illness and one or both of the parents. The use of several sessements over a period of years while the child is being threatened is done. False emergency protection orders are issued alleging fears.

The matter is withdrawn and the person who is willing to make false allegations is provided with custody. Often the person has committed a crime such as child abuse or domestic violense with which he or she can be threatened. Thge child's testimony is discredited by the use of a false claim of mental illness against the child who will state that only the children's services delegates ever abused or attacked them. Several of the foster parents are provided with carte blanche to attack the child in any way they see fit. The child is victimized with restraints false allegations they are called a liar reprea6tedly. They are dragged shoved bullyed and accused. The usual abuse of the child is done by allegations of a series of ever changing attacks in which the child must be cleared of nearly every alleged illness know to occur in childhood. The most common of the attacks is PDD NOS or Autism Spectrum, and thenattacks include Asbergers syndrome as well as Tiourettes. During this time the child will be subjected to a series of drugs. They are often later accused of psychosis. During the attacks by childrens services and their representaives at Changes or in any of the service fields each person is intimidated until they find aqn individual late in the game willing to give the diagnosis they demand.

The child is forced to make hand movements or attacked until they are willing to hoot or do the approved beyhaviours. While in care they are subjected to foster parents who have their grandchgildren or other mentally ill children often the children of prostitues or who have been severely abused. The child will be subjected to the abuse by that family and by children through contagion as well.

The attacks then include abuse through the loan sharking system removing all of the families asests by offering a loan to them to get children's services off of their child. The hate and spite filled attacks go on as long as the child is subjected to any of the contacts of any of the teams. Once children's Services attack the child they can not be fully cleared and the ba=abuse continues througjh-out their lives as a result of the hate crimes committed against them. Often the children are somehow different. They are of First Nations descent or an immigrant family.

The attackers include the Infamours members of the Division two of headquarters at Edmonton Police services and RCMP members involved with Metis Childrens Services. In many cases the attackers make allegations whih=ch are false and then force the family through a falsified program of diversion or through an attack in the civil justice system.

Justice DC read is involved as well as virtually all of the Justices of the peace and anote=her justice who through her son owns the loan sharking agency ( Collum) the attacks are ooften done by forced assignement of funds through legal aid and promisory noted=s. The removal of the families asest are done by the routine of outspending the family through use of governemnt funds to attack the child and the family. The funds are su=used by health-care funding frauds committed by simply continually alleging additional claims of mental illness forcing the family to spec=-nd their funds to be cleared of the multi-disciplinary teams attack.

In most cases the health of the child will be severely depleted and He or she will have undergone an assault that he or she may never recover from.

Constable Brian Satdel is an offender with the teams who also sexually abuses his own child. My family was attacked as a result of a complaint to children's services as regards the sexual touching of the chiold in a public place and the incitement to bully a child of another race. The attacks began as soon as the report was am=made in absense of the knowledge that all of the services are now connected. behing=d the blue wall Police members can now safey expect to be permitted to rub their erect penis against their child's back in a public place without fear of exposure since the witnesses can be attacked by this method among others.

Seargent Sean perka of Division two and all of his officers ( Steve Barragar) and North Districts White and Bychowsky , Westmount J. Buchanan as well as several other participate in the cover for sex offenders among them.

Child abusers in the Police services are given unqualified support and cover and any effort to report is met with deep intimidation additional abuse and attack. In this instance the AUPE which provided=-s the union backing for the several teams is also involved through their provision of civilian services in dispatch. No matter what happens they attack the target. The AUPE represntative most responsible for the abuse is Sandra Azocar of the Crisis Unit.

Multidisciplinary teams include Perlitta Torress who abuses children she has never seen by repeating the allgations of offenders such as Crisis Unit abuser Karen Kerr wife of acting superintendant and racist abuser Billy Kerr know for his psostings on the abuse of first nations and the removal of indigenous rights. ( See the blog of Francis Widdowson author of the 2008 book Disrobing the Aborigeanl Industry...formerly of Munt Ryal College. The attackers are involved in the realestate investment strategies in each of the gentrification areas. They actively abuse and attack any First Nations person they find, bullying questioning and abusing youth especa=ially while denying police services to those person. Reports are simply refused. In most cases the areas surrounding the Community Police Sations are the sites of several grissly murders always unsolved. Some of the murders and stabbings take place within sight of the station. Police refuse reports and the indic0oviduals who mistakenly believe that a report which is not traffic or property related will be taken are refused services. Often they are told that no report will be taken and that they may attend at a secret process hearing to see if any judge usually Justice Malin will take a report and allow a charge to be filed.

Evidense is often refused due to other civil court involvement or to procedural issues and Prosecutors have been instrcuted not to provide legal services to complainants. They act independently and each one is permitted to state their view of work they will or will not accept.

Falsification of the information by the Police in retaliation is always done under these circumstances attacking the complainant.

In many cases the child of the complaianant is also attacked usuing the fear of additional complaints against members by the parent as a reason to assault the child.

Attacks by the teams can be kicked back and forth for many years abusing children especially.

In several cases Youth or very ypoung women are attacked sexually by officers such as Constable Ebbers. The sexual assault usualy includes an att5ack first by a Police Confidentail informant then an attack on the girl. The attacks include abuse of the girl throughout then after a co-operative strip search an additional attack by Ebbers in the cell area forcing the girl to strip to the skin to preserve evidense. The attack involves choking the girl out usually a mandable squeeze is stated by=ut the youth or child states that choking until they wpassed out was done. Generally it is the female constable who then makes a charge of assaulting a Police officer although Ebbers has simulated the rape. The charge from the confidential informant is then withdrawn.

Several CIs operate in the Edmonton area and they are permitted to commit crimes at will including robberies to those individuals who have not been able to install the forced protection racket of the robbery division's recomendation.

Lounges are also attacked and refused services if they are located near to a craqck house the crack house or meth lab is left open until the local lounge is willing to install all of the services the Police demand. Then the source of the local crimes is closed. Police members and former members own these services and stock in the services. This is simply a protection racket which blames even street crime on the local bussinesses even while they are closed.

If a person will not buy the local crack house operates unimpeded until murders take place in several of the local bussinesses.

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almost 8 years ago

I am writing to file a police corruption complaint,I am a virginia resident,and a victim of kidnappings and implanting,electronic harassment by satelite,micro-chips,dna theft,I am law abideing citizen dob;8/7/1955.,in 2002 the use of anethesa gas was used to kidnapp and implant me with micro-chips and all of above,suspect the;ocean city police dept.6501 coastal hwy.o.c.,md.21842,witness,mr.doug saintjohn mgr. ocean city dennys coastal hwy.,he witnessed the o.c.police and 2 men in suits gas me and take me from my car at dennys o.c.md.21842 and return me 45 min. later,my head has been ringing ever since then,this was aprox 45/2002.Since then a recent cat scan shows forien body/implants over left side of chest and neck areas,also the;alexandria police dept. is suspected racketeering with them with false profileing computerbase run cases with internal playback.city alexandria police 2003 mill rd. alexandria,va.22314,703/838/4444,I also suspect a investigator thomas kennedy for having police crystals sowed into my neck for satelite electronic harassment and impairment.please file my complaint.there are other police invoved;fairfax co police 4100 chainbridge rd.11th floor fairfax,va. 22030,703/691/2131,the washington d.c. u.s.attorneys office 555 4th st. n.w.washington,d.c.20001

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over 3 years ago

Police Corruption and Misconduct - History, Contemporary Problems, Further Readings

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about 4 years ago


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over 4 years ago

Police Corruption and Misconduct - History, Contemporary Problems, Further Readings

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about 6 years ago



1998 US Attorney - HCFA Medicare|MEDICAID - HHS OIG and the STATE of MICHIGAN - made an illegal agreement with Fraudulent Health Insurance Providers to systematically DENY Covered Hospital and Nursing Home Services Claims: 1998 http://oig.hhs.gov/fraud/selfdisclosure.asp - HCFA 1996 HIPAA violation - DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCESS T18CFR242CRIME - http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm USED to force illegal State MEDICAID KICKBACK conversion.



NURSING HOME and ELDER ABUSE By Dept. of Justice Employees

1999 still pending - U.S. Attorney(s) and Michigan Attorney General(s) RACKETEERING -- ยง 2.25 The Administrative Process - A litigant [ Federal Hospital and Nursing Home - Dumping Victim 1999 OPM FEHB Alexandra Rupert - 1998 illegal agreement with Fraudulent Providers: http://oig.hhs.gov/fraud/selfdisclosure.asp HCFA 1996 HIPAA violation T18CFR1001CRIME ] may be required to exhaust [ ADR ~ T42CFR417.1 Alternate T18CFR1518CRIME Dispute Resolution Procedure -

http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htmT18CFR242CRIME ] administrative remedies before seeking JUDICIAL REVIEW.


The 1998 U.S. Attorney and HHS_OIG - Volentary Disclousure program for dishonest providers to Avoid Exclusion - is an ANTI TRUST Violation - a U.S. Patroit Act violation|money laundering - HCFA 1996 HIPAA violation - FELONY CRIME ... still pending...

$25,000 Federal Hospital Dumping violation

$25,000 Federal Nursing Home Dumping Violation and a

$50,000 Federal-State HCFA MEDICAID Kickback conversion

= $100,000 in FELONY FRAUD against EACH Defrauded Individual


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over 7 years ago

Meet the cowardly & corrupt fools of the Indianapolis Police Dept; see info at bottom of page at:


Then see:


fbi/univ. police unlawful efforts to arrest this reporter:



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about 7 years ago

i am a police man i want to learn legal openion

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almost 8 years ago


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over 6 years ago

I thank y0u for these articles, they were enlightening. I know a case involving my only brother when he was 19 yrs. old and four other young guys. He will be 48 yrs. old this year, and is a victim of Police Corruption in 1983. These five young men received life confinement and it was total wrong. How am I and others that have or enduring a heat wrenching situation like this suppose to have faith and believe in our Police and Court Systems. I've been reaching out and there has been no help available for people with this problem that don't have money.