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Double Insurance

individual coverage companies identical

Duplicate protection provided when two companies deal with the same individual and undertake to indemnify that person against the same losses.

When an individual has double insurance, he or she has coverage by two different insurance companies upon the identical interest in the identical subject matter. If a HUSBAND AND WIFE have duplicate medical insurance coverage protecting one another, they would thereby have double insurance. An individual can rarely collect on double insurance, however, since this would ordinarily constitute a form of UNJUST ENRICHMENT, and a majority of insurance contracts contain provisions that prohibit this.

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over 8 years ago

double indemnity can apply in certain cases, im looking to find the text for from judgements given in the following case law: 12 Halsbury laws (4th edn) para 1152 and 34 ibid para 83, and for cases on the subject, 17 Digest (reisue) 117-118, 195-200 and 36(1) ibid 319-320, 1291-1295. i would be delighted if you could direct me as to how i can acces the above via the internet. many thanks and i would highly recommend your site to my friends, as it is a help service.